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The ​Policy on Coming to China - 2022.12.15 update

Union chance invite you come to China to  in China after CNY. After the control policy, the Chinese mainland will fully open its doors to overseas entry on January 9, 2023, and adopt a 0+3 epidemic prevention mode.

Under the “0+3” mode, people entering China do not need to undergo mandatory quarantine and only need to undergo medical surveillance for three days. During the period, they are free to move around but must abide by the “yellow code” of the vaccine pass. After that, they will conduct self-surveillance for four days, a total of seven days. The specific provisions are as follows

  1. Instead of showing a negative nucleic acid test report before boarding the plane, you can report the negative result of a rapid antigen test arranged by yourself within 24 hours before the scheduled departure time through the online health and quarantine information declaration form.
  1. There is no need to wait for the result of nucleic acid test at the airport after receiving the sample. They can take public transport or self-arranged transport to return to their homes or stay in hotels of their choice.
  1. Entry personnel need to go to the community testing center/testing station or other accredited testing institutions for nucleic acid testing, and in the first to the seventh day of daily rapid antigen testing.

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