Embrace early summer and go to a brilliant future

Embrace early summer-union chance


Although the COVID-19 has limited our long journey, it can not stop our enthusiasm for life. In Warm May, on the premise of taking personal epidemic prevention and control measures, various companies and departments of Sellers Union Group have carried out a series of colorful team building activities.

Union Chance

On May 14, the staff of Union Chance gathered together and went to the Chi’an Ouyu restaurant to carry out team building activities. As a newly established business division this year, it reveals the youthful air everywhere. With the morning drizzle, from the city to the countryside, the air mixed with the smell of soil and grass. After the delicious barbecue, they play and dance, rock and roll. This is life, just enjoy it.

Union Source

Our group always have passion for reading. On World Book Day, members of Union Source carried out a cultural activity themed “Environmental Protection and Reading”. They donated their idle good books to the company and were rewarded with succulent potted plants. These books were arranged into reading corners for reader’s borrowing in the conference room by the class committees of Union Source. In addition, they organized a book review campaign which need all participants to write a sentence from their favorite book and vote the best one. Our group use reading to enjoy the collision of ideas, and looking for interesting souls.

Union Deal

No.3 Business Department went to Pujiang Village to start a journey to embrace the nature and get away from urban clamor. During the hiking process, they enjoyed the melodious bird chirping, admired the blue hills and green streams, and felt the special breath of nature from the bushes, which was quiet and comfortable. In the afternoon, they chose the speedy and passionate locomotive project , drove to the beautiful faraway place under the blue sky and green mountains. What a fantastic tour!

Union Grand

Recently, one of departments of Union Grand called Super Seller carried out the  team building activity with the theme of “Gathering Strength and Building Dreams”. They formed different teams to confrontation and competed in many projects under the guidance of the coach. Among competiton events, “Da Vinci Code” was the most challenging project for teamwork, in which the team members had to identify the hidden numbers in different pictures and instruct a member to give the card to the coach as fast as possible.

After the fierce competition, the members of Super Seller enjoyed the authentic farmhouse food together, and had a competition of archery in the afternoon. As the sun set, the team building activity ended with joy.

Human Resources Department

Embrace early summer-union chance

“Happy work, Healthy life” has always been the aim of Sellers Union Group. Grasping the tail of spring and embracing the brilliance of summer, members of the department gathered at the kayak club on the coastline of Dongqian Lake to carry out team building activities. With sufficient sunscreen measures, and after learning the basic operation from the coach, they began the journey of exploring around the lake. In early summer of Dongqian Lake, groups of ducks parade along the lake bank, adding ripples to the quiet lake with a little warmth. With humming songs and chatting, everyone felt bright and cheerful, and moving forward leisurely.

Wish all parteners 

embrace early summer, embrace the power of youth, and go to a brilliant future together.

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