Family Open Day of Sellers Union Group was Held Successfully

Family Open Day-union chance

Sweet Dragon Boat Festival

On the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival, Sellers Union Group organized an Open Day for employees’ families. Members from more than 10 employees’ families participated in the event, and group’s president Patrick Xu attended the event. In 2021, with the lead of our vision “Create the Supply Chain Benchmarking Services, Jointly Build a Humanistic and Harmonious Enterprises.”, the group launched Harmonious Enterprise Construction Project. “Staff Family Open Day” is one of the activities thereof with the moral of “from the staff, back to the staff”. This activity is designed to give members of employees’ families the opportunity to experience the office environment and cultural atmosphere of Sellers Union Group, to fulfill the vision of “come into Sellers Union Group, come closer to Sellers Union Group” through the face-to-face communication.


At the beginning of the activity, FANG Fang, Deputy General Manager of the Group’s Administration Department, led all members of Family Open Day to visit the exhibition hall of the corporate culture. Through the full range of contents displayed in the cultural exhibition hall and narrated by the narrator, all members had an unforgettable immersive experience of the Group’s development history, business ecology, and cultural construction. 2022 is the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Group. A special area has been opened up inside the exhibition hall. In this special area, it designs and presents the 25th anniversary exhibition with the theme of “Recall the Past, Move towards the Future” and the main line of four development phases. Some representative “Old Objects” submitted by the Group’s partners play back some moments of the process of the Group’s development history. Everyone stopped to look at the photos, listened attentively to the narrator, or read the relevant introduction carefully, which greatly enhanced the all-around cognition and trust for Sellers Union Group. Pride and happiness well up in people’s hearts.


Family Open Day forum was hosted by FANG Fang, Deputy General Manager of the Group’s Administration Department. President XU attended the forum and had a warm discussion with everyone. He first expressed his warm welcome and sincere thanks to all the members who participated in the activity. He said that the current epidemic situation is generally under control and the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching. It is the right time to hold Family Open Day of Sellers Union Group, which reflects our gratitude and best wishes to all family members. After 25 years of development, Sellers Union Group is inseparable from the efforts of all the members and the support from their families. Therefore, Sellers Union Group always meets all kinds of difficulties and challenges with infinite enthusiasm and confidence. President XU pointed out that family harmony and mutual support play an important role in the personal growth of employees and the sustainable development of the company. We hope that employees can obtain income materially, develop mentally and achieve perfection in their families, so as to build a harmonious enterprise and achieve common prosperity.


In the following communion tache, each group of families spoke freely in a warm atmosphere. The family members said that they were very happy to participate in Family Open Day of Sellers Union Group, which many companies do not have. So they felt very fresh and excited, also full of gratitude. Employees said that during their years in Sellers Union Group, they really felt the deep integration of their temperament and corporate culture. The work style of modest and pragmatic has become their personal identity. It is lucky and “the right choice” to work in the Group. Everyone presented their speeches frankly and sincerely, warmly and moved, simple but perfect. It is the understanding and support of each family that has led to the growth of the Sellers Union Group today and its promising future, and everyone will be an integral part of the Group’s vision for the next 25 years.


In the end, President XU presented flowers to each visiting family, took photos, and had dinner with them with festival wishes. The activity ended in a warm and happy atmosphere. Family Open Day of Sellers Union Group will be one of the iconic activities of the Group’s Harmonious Enterprise Project. We are looking forward to the coming of more families and getting together to build a harmonious and brilliant future with “the name of love” for Sellers Union Group.

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