Head of Zhejiang United Front Work Department Inspected SELLERS

On the morning of June 9th, QIU Qiwen, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Head of its United Front Work Department, led a delegation to inspect our Group. Accompanying officials include: XU Xu, Executive Deputy Head of the United Front Work Department of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee; BIAN Ji’an, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee and Head of its United Front Work Department; LOU Daimin, Executive Deputy Head of the United Front Work Department of CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee; and LI Chengjie, Director of the Administrative Committee of Ningbo National High-Tech Zone.

XU explained that since the beginning of this year, import and export have been subdued by several reasons. Firstly, the Ukraine Crisis not only dealt a heavy blow to our Group’s export to Ukraine and Russia, but also dragged down the European economy and resulted in a decline in local consumption, which was not conducive to the Group’s business expansion in Europe. Secondly, because of the COVID-19 containment measures, the efficiency of domestic supply chains was undermined, and some supply chain businesses have been transferred to other countries. In addition, such factors as the high ocean freight rates, the unstable supply of freight space and the global inflation pressure are all slamming the confidence of entrepreneurs and consumers, bringing more uncertainties to the stability and expansion of foreign trade business. 

President XU Pingju welcomed the delegation with warm hospitality and reported on the Group’s efforts to maintain steady progress and pursue high-quality development. Vice President FANG Yongqiang and Administrative Vice Manager FANG Fang also joined the reception.

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In his brief report on the Group’s business development, President XU noted that after 25 years of growth, SELLERS has become a full-fledged import and export group, which takes the export of daily consumer goods as its main business, and focuses on cross-border e-commerce as its main competing field. Meanwhile, the Group has also deployed in such fields as the import of high-end consumer goods, international logistics, business exhibition, customized tourism, digital marketing, brand operation, etc. In 2021, the Group’s revenue reached $1.1 billion, maintaining the years-long trend of double-digit growth. Despite the relatively weak performance in the first 5 months of this year, the Group still managed to uphold its growth momentum.

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XU said that riding the tide of digital development, our Group has deployed a series of measures to maintain steady progress and pursue high-quality growth. We will leverage B2B platforms, overseas search engines, social media (like video websites) and other digital marketing platforms for brand promotion, so as to attract more customers through various channels. We will invest more in the R&D of new products and expedite the R&D efforts in light of both domestic and foreign market demand, so as to command the heights of emerging sectors (e.g., cross-border e-commerce, domestic e-commerce, domestic household brand products, etc.). We will fully leverage our edges as a supply chain leading enterprise, and facilitate Chinese SMEs to explore the global market through SELLERS ONLINE and other digital platforms. We will remain committed to high-quality development, and forge synergy among partners to create an enterprise of happiness that realizes common prosperity for all our staff. We will focus on preventing and controlling internal and external risks, and continue to serve as a clean private enterprise. In the context of relatively gloomy economic situation, our Group will work to ensure no lay-offs and no pay-cuts. Regarding this aspect, it’s worth mentioning that our Group has continued to hire outstanding graduates, and has maintained a net increase of employees.

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QIU Qiwen inquired about the Group’s business layout, development strategies and competitive advantages. Acknowledging the Group’s achievements over the years, QIU acclaimed the Group’s recent efforts in maintaining steady progress, pursuing high-quality growth, and ensuring no lay-offs and no pay-cuts. QIU said that the Group should closely follow external changes, focus on internal construction, and pursue further business development. He said that by bolstering confidence and upholding innovative entrepreneurship, the Group is bound to realize its high-quality development goals.
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