How to import from China to Canada?

China is indeed a leading nation in producing and distributing high-quality goods. Yet, if you’re considering importing from China to Canada, having some knowledge can make the process easier. So, we made a guide to help you know everything important about bringing things from China to Canada for selling.

What products can purchase from China?

There are a lot of things which can import from China to Canada. These products include solar panels, clothing, tires, toys, electronics and building materials. Let us discuss each of the most important imported products in detail.

1. Furniture

China is the best market for furniture in the world. You can find any type, design and size of furniture in China. The biggest advantage of Chinese furniture is its high cost performance. China is also the best choice for imported items because of its smooth shipping procedures.

2. Tires

Canada imports large quantities of cheap tires from China. Not only are these tires cheaper, they are also of better quality than other tires on the market. Due to the growing automotive market, Canada imports rugged tires to run its vehicles.

3.LED Lights

China has huge technology and has made efforts in all aspects. They make some of the best mechanical and electronic products in the world. LED lights made in China are also quite famous. It’s no wonder these sparks of LED lights caught Canada’s attention early. Canada is now importing LED lights in bulk from China.


Canada also imports clothes from China, including pants, T-shirts, women’s clothing, socks, etc. They import men’s and women’s clothing and sell them at high prices in Canada. The same goes for children’s clothing. They can get some amazing clothes made in China. Canada is also a vast footwear market, which also brings huge profits to Canadian importers.


Since China’s high technology is impressive, their electronic materials are competing with other countries. Luckily, in addition to quality, they also produce electronics that are cheaper than other players in the electronics industry.

5 Steps Importing from China to Canada

1.Getting a Business Number From CRA

Do you know what it does? Well, it helps you protect your trading business account. The reason is that you are running an import business. You should register for a Canada Revenue Agency program account to avoid any surprises during the import process. Please note that you cannot import into Canada without this number. You may also consider registering for GST/HST, payroll taxes, and corporate income taxes.

2.Classifying Your Products

This is the first thing you need to do before making any import transaction. Most countries in the world use a unified system for standard product classification. It includes different codes and tariffs as part of the import requirements. Make a note of this number and the country of origin of the item. These numbers help to understand the duty rate you will need to pay before importing. To do this, you need to know the HS code of the product. You will use it to obtain international trade statistics and archive documents.

3 Applying for Relevant Inspection, Certificates, and Permits

As with other countries, you need to let Canadian authorities know the types of goods you need to import. In this case, you will need to contact the relevant authorities to let them know your intention to import certain goods. This is recommended as it is an early application. Also, make sure you apply for import inspection in Canada. Additionally, you should let the authorities know the type of goods you need to import. They will then access the database to see if the shipment is related to the import. They will later help you obtain the relevant documents. You can use these documents to apply for certificates and licenses to start trading.

4.Find a licensed customs broker

When importing goods from China to Canada, you can get help from a licensed customs broker. Customs brokers usually understand import requirements. Therefore, he will be the right person to help you prepare and submit the necessary documents. It is to help you obtain the required licenses from the government to import goods. They can also help you ship packages domestically. It is a freight service through different provinces. As an importer, it is recommended to find a customs broker that specializes in the type of goods you require. Professional customs brokers also specialize in customs clearance and transportation. They transport different types of goods such as garments, perishable items, etc.

5.Shipping and Reporting Your Shipments

You need to place your order and select a shipping method. You can set up orders with suppliers, shippers or exporters. It will let you choose the shipping method you want to use. So it can be shipped by air, express service, sea, highway or rail.

How to Find a Reliable Supplier in China?

1.B2B Market

Popular sites like Made in China, Global Sources, and Alibaba are just a click away. The first is to find the best factory supplier. Therefore, you need to be extra careful to avoid getting scammed out of your hard-earned money. These B2B marketplaces can be less secure.

2.Purchasing Agent

When you need to source products, you may need a Chinese purchasing agent. It will help you get goods with accurate technical specifications. This sounds like a good plan since professional agents in China will visit the factory to check the quality control. They have good relationships with their suppliers. They come to the factory again to inspect raw materials and inspect the production process. What’s more, they even review the quality of the first few batches.

3.Use a Search Engine

Chinese suppliers often set up their own company websites. Additionally, they remain active on social media. Therefore, you can use Google Key terms to find relevant supplier pages. You can find multiple directories and B2B websites with a simple Google search. Remember, most Chinese manufacturers use Baidu. All you need to do is use a translation tool to find potential customers. In this way, you will see the suppliers that can be found on the Chinese business directory. After that, you need to follow up to see if they appear to be genuine. Also, make sure to check if the supplier is reliable and hasn’t been in any legal troubles for important information.


That’s all about importing goods from China to Canada. If you are an importer or want to start importing from China, you must get the facts straight before your goods are shipped. You need to gather as much information as possible. Learn about fees, how long shipping takes, rules and regulations, and lots of other information. You also need to know about the best trading companies and suppliers of imported goods. With all information, you can easily start your importing business. You may also consider hiring a customs broker to help you throughout the import process.

What’s more, a sourcing agent like UNION CHANCE can streamline the entire import process. We will handle the goods imported from China to Canada properly. They can provide relevant information to guide you through the process.

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