How to Import Furniture from China?

In our world today, lots of businesses and people buy furniture from China. But, to do it well, you need to follow some plans and steps. This blog will teach you how to do it step by step, making sure your import business goes smoothly.

6 Reasons Why importing furniture from China?

1.Robust Manufacturing Capabilities:

China is really good at making things, especially furniture. Many people choose to get furniture from China because they are experts in making it.

2.Thrive in Furniture Manufacturing:

Even though some jobs moved to other places, making furniture in China is still doing really well. This shows that they are good at it and can compete with others in making furniture.

3.Comprehensive Furniture Supply Chain:

Making furniture in China is a bit tricky because there are many parts involved. They use things like particle board, covering materials, screws, fittings, metal legs, and chrome coating. This makes the process of making furniture easier and more organized.

4.Efficiency in Mass Production:

China is really good at making a lot of things without spending too much money. This is great for businesses that want affordable ways to make stuff. Because China can make a lot of things at once, it helps to keep the prices low for furniture that gets imported.

5.Case of Factory Owners Returning:

Some people moved their outdoor furniture making to Vietnam, but they had problems getting things done. So, they came back to China because it’s really good at getting things done efficiently. Even though they could save money in other places, China is still a good and dependable choice.

6.Overall Efficiency and Expertise:

China is a great place to get furniture because they are really good at it. They know how to do everything from getting all the parts to making sure the furniture is top-notch. This makes China a favorite place to get furniture from.

3 Key Home Furnishing Bases Comparison

RegionCities/ProvincesFactsTypes of Furniture
Pearl River Delta/ Guangdong ProvinceGuangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shunde, Foshan– Largest industrial furniture region in China.<br>- Foshan known as ‘Furniture City’ with 10km of furniture markets.<br>- First free trade zones established here.<br>- Close to Hong Kong and Marco ports for easy shipping.<br>- Well-established industrial clusters and extensive labor resources.<br>- Long history of manufacturing and export.<br>- Advanced manufacturing techniques used.<br>- Relatively more expensive than some other regions.All types of furniture, with specific city focuses: Dongguan – sofas, Foshan – dining furniture/flat-packed furniture, general furniture
Yangtze River Delta (Central Chinese Coast)Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province– Largest growing manufacturer of kitchen furniture cabinets in China.<br>- Highest exports to the USA and Europe.<br>- Long-established furniture manufacturing infrastructure.<br>- Coastal position for easy transportation.<br>- Generally high-quality products, but some less experienced, lower quality manufacturers present.<br>- Wide range of furniture, including metal and painted wood furniture, and rattan.A wide range, including metal and painted wood furniture, rattan.
Bohai Sea Area (North Coastal Region)Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong– Plentiful local resources.<br>- Many years of experience in furniture production.<br>- Great location for export.<br>- Known as a low-cost region.<br>- Lesser developed infrastructure for export.<br>- Factories may be less likely to meet fire safety standards.<br>Glass and metal furniture, such as dining tables, dining chairs, upholstery.

Methods to Import Furniture from China

1.Sourcing Agency/Buying Office:

Finding a good supplier on your own can be hard if you don’t know much about importing. It’s easier and less of a problem to use a sourcing agent or buying office. A helpful agent can find a factory that makes the kind of furniture you want, using the materials and methods you like. They know people to get good prices and can help with language issues, so talking to suppliers is easy.

2.Furniture Exhibitions

1.1Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair):

Overview: Also known as Canton Fair, it is the largest and oldest comprehensive international trade fair in China.
Location: Guangzhou
Features: Held twice a year (Spring and Autumn), it attracts global buyers and suppliers, covering various industries, including home furnishings.

1.2Shanghai International Furniture Exhibition (Furniture China):

Overview: The largest professional furniture exhibition in China, showcasing the latest trends in domestic and international furniture design and manufacturing.
Location: Shanghai
Features: Encompasses a wide range of furniture, providing a significant platform for professionals in the furniture industry.

1.3Shenzhen Furniture Exhibition:

Overview: A sizable furniture exhibition in Shenzhen, drawing domestic and international furniture manufacturers and traders.
Location: Shenzhen
Features: Focuses on modern home design and manufacturing, showcasing the latest furniture products and trends.

1.4Chengdu Home and Building Materials Expo:

Overview: A significant home and building materials expo in the western region, featuring well-known domestic and international home furnishing brands.
Location: Chengdu
Features: Displays new products and technologies in the fields of home furnishings, building materials, and decor.

1.5China International Kitchen and Bathroom Expo:

Overview: An international exhibition dedicated to the kitchen and bathroom industry, showcasing the latest products and technologies in these areas.
Location: Shanghai
Features: Attracts professionals and exhibitors from the global kitchen and bathroom industries.

Simplified Import Cost Calculation

Bringing things from other places doesn’t have to be hard, but it’s really important to know all the costs before you start. Think about these steps early when you’re planning to make sure you have enough money for everything.

1.Getting Prices from the Seller:

Ask the seller how much things cost and try to get a good deal. If you’re buying a lot or buying again, you might get a discount. It’s best to talk face-to-face, but if you can’t, someone called a “helper” can do it for you.

2.Cost of Sending Things to the Ship (FOB):

Make sure the price you got includes sending the things to the ship. This is how it’s usually done in China.

3.How Much it Costs to Send Things on the Ship:

Think about how much it costs to send your things from China to your country. The cost changes every month, so check how much it is when your things are sent.

4.Getting Things at Your Country’s Port:

Remember that there are more costs when your things arrive in your country. Think about the cost of getting things at the port and bringing them to you.

5.Getting Help from a Helper:

If you have someone helping you, they can figure out all these costs. Helpers often get better prices because they know many people and buy lots of things.

Understanding and planning for these costs early on will help you have enough money and make the process of getting things from other countries easier.


Getting furniture from China can be good or a little bit tricky. How you understand the steps makes a big difference. If you get ready well, it can be fun; otherwise, it might be a bit hard. I hope this blog helps you figure out how to bring in furniture from China and make it a good experience.

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