SELLERS Carried Out School and Enterprise Cooperation

School and Enterprise Cooperation-union chance

Sellers Union Group always regards talents as the core capital of the company, regards relying on talents as the fundamental premise of enterprise development, and regards respecting talents as the fundamental criterion of enterprise development. During the graduation season, Sellers Union Group actively strengthens cooperation with universities, carries out a series of exchange activities, attracts talents extensively, promotes employment, and practices the social responsibility of corporate .

Summer Social Practice

Team of Ningbo University of Technology
Visited Our Group
School and Enterprise Cooperation-union chance

Recently, Xu Yan, vice dean of the school of Economics and Management, Ningbo University of Technology, Wang Bifeng, director of International Economy and Trade, Wang Ping, principal of e-commerce, Jin Xiaofang of student Work office and dozens of students visited our group with two teams to carry out summer social practice. Jiang Lini, the recruitment manager of Sellers Union Group , and some outstanding alumni of School warmly received the teachers and students.

School and Enterprise Cooperation-union chance

At the symposium, the two sides had an in-depth discussion on the school project “Demand analysis of foreign trade and e-commerce talents in the digital economy era”. We Provided curriculum optimization suggestions from the dimensions of practical application of curriculum, industry-related platform and software expansion, and standardization of general quality of personnel. Dean Xu highly recognized the talent training direction that provided by alumni with the combination of their personal practice and from the perspective of enterprises, and proposed that in the future, corporate executives and alumni should be invited to train high-quality comprehensive talents, that meet the development of the times and the needs of enterprises through participating in lectures and case cooperation. At the meeting, students and alumni also communicated on work content, work feelings and so on. The seniors suggested that students take every course in the school seriously, improve their learning ability and career skills to improve their future employment competitiveness.

Leaders of the Business School of Ningbo University

Visited Sellers Union Group to Carry Out Promoting Employment Activity

Recently, Chen Tao, Vice Dean of Business School of Ningbo University, Wang Jiefeng, Director of Professional Master Office, and Sun Employment Counselor led 8 students to visit our group to carry out the special event named “Visiting enterprises and Promoting Employment”. Andrew Fang, Vice President of the group, Jiang Lini, Recruitment Manager of Human Resources Department, and some outstanding representatives in our company who graduated from the Business School of Ningbo University warmly entertained the teachers and students. 

School and Enterprise Cooperation-union chance

In the forum, both parties briefly exchanged their opinions on the situation of school-enterprise cooperation in recent years. Dean Chen made a detailed introduction to the development strategy, teacher resources, and graduate internship policy of the Business School of Ningbo University. He emphasized that the Business School has focused on developing professional talents for many years, they encouraged students’ employment diversification, hoping for a strengthen diversified cooperation with the Sellers Union Group in terms of talents cultivation, case study, and other aspects.Vice President Fang briefly introduced the special training camp project which was jointly carried out by the group and the Business School, indicating the orientation of school-enterprise cooperation and the role of school plays in employment guidance, welcoming young people who have clear employment intentions, high professional qualities, enough drive, great pragmatism to join the Sellers Union Group for mutual development. The students of Ningbo University had an interactive exchange with three alumni representatives. The alumni representatives introduced their job content and shared their growth and gains after entering Sellers Union Group, they encouraged the students to maintain an attitude of learning all the time, enhance their ability to reflect and summarize, find an accurate position of themselves and find a satisfactory job at an early date.

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