SELLERS Donated “Pre-school Mandarin Popularization” Project

In late June 2022, Bian Ji’an, Member of the Standing Committee of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, led the delegates to go to Liangshan, Sichuan to carry out the East-West cooperation and exchange activity. During the inspection, Xu Pingju, President of Sellers Union Group signed a donation agreement with Liangshan Education Foundation. Sellers Union Group will donate 500,000 yuan to Liangshan Education Foundation for the “Pre-school Mandarin Popularization” educational project. In late August, 500,000 yuan of the “Pre-school Mandarin Popularization” educational fund signed by both parties has been donated of the full amount, which means that Sellers Union Group’s public welfare project to help minority students with preschool language has been started.

SELLERS Donated "Pre-school Mandarin Popularization" Project

According to Rong Jinglong, Secretary-General of Liangshan Education Foundation of Sichuan Province, many minority rural children are used to communicating in their own national languages, and they usually do not learn Mandarin until the third or fourth grade in primary school. The language barrier has resulted in a wider educational gap between them and urban children. In order to help minority rural children to overcome the language learning barrier, the “One Village One Kindergarten” project and the “Pre-school Mandarin Popularization” project have been carried out successfully in Liangshan in recent years with the care and support of the government.

SELLERS Donated "Pre-school Mandarin Popularization" Project

During the inspection to Liangshan, President Xu witnessed the importance of the “Pre-school Mandarin Popularization” educational project to the local area. He decided to help Liangshan minority children break through the language barrier. The “Pre-school Mandarin Popularization” educational fund will empower the construction of local pre-school education teachers. Through teacher skills training, early childhood education forum exchanges, and excellent teacher selection, it will continue to improve the level of pre-school teachers.

Continuously promoting enterprises’ high-quality development and devoting to charitable activities genuinely has always been the constant insistence of Sellers Union Group’s corporate culture. The Group has donated over 30 million yuan since the establishment, including the fields of poverty alleviation, education, environmental sanitation, rural construction and social service. The Group has launched a special charity system involving the projects of “Wild Breeze”  (environmental charity project), “Warm Breeze” (taking care of autistic children or families which lost the only child), “Silk Road Foundation” (education development & cultural exchange) and “Care for Village”(rural construction).

SELLERS Donated "Pre-school Mandarin Popularization" Project

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