The Review of Sellers Union Group’s 25th Anniversary Activities

In order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Sellers Union Group, and thanks to all the employees who have worked hard for the development of the Group over the years, the Group has upgraded from S-Day to S-Week (6-day activities). Nearly 2,000 employees from Ningbo, Yiwu, Hangzhou, Shantou and Guangzhou were invited to participate in this big event.

There were 6 chapters and 16 activities in the S-Week. The Group hoped that the employees can receive the power of “together”, “gratefulness”, “innovation”, “health”, “happiness” and “development”  to achieve the Group’s dream.


01 Sports Games

The Group selected 4 games and invited subsidiaries and functional departments to form 14 teams. The competition between teams and the cooperation between team members enhanced the understanding among colleagues. What they learned from the games would also give the feedback to the work and help the Group’s business to achieve further improvement.

02 Watching Movies Together

The employees watched movies together after sports games. Everyone enjoyed the leisure time, which strengthened the team’s centripetal force.


03 Presenting a Flower to the Person You Want to Thank

The activity provided a chance for employees to express their thanks. Wang Caihong, Vice President of the Group, presented flowers to Jin Dongya, an ordinary employee who has been working for more than ten years, to thanked for her hard work.

04 Family Open Day

Employees’ family members give fully understanding and support when employees are busy with their work, and they undertake most family affairs so there is no need for employees to worry about other things. It is the wholehearted support of family members that makes the employees work harder. On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Group organized the Mid-Autumn Festival Family Open Day, invited family members to “walk into and approach Sellers Union Group”. Employees and their family members gathered together to share a warm and happy moment.


05 Dress Code Open Day

The dress code open day was designed to encourage employees wear their favorite clothes under the premise of courtesy. Through this activity, employees understood that respecting the freedom of dressing and treating others’ dressing preferences with a normal heart are more important than the freedom of dressing.

06 Reading Good Books Together

The Group selected various good books in advance, and invited participants to share their thoughts and opinions. This activity helped everyone regain their passion for reading and make reading a habit.


07 Psychological Counseling & TCM Conditioning

The Group invited senior psychological consultants to provide one-to-one psychological counseling for everyone: when you are not confident enough, you should learn to affirm and praise yourself; when you are emotionally unstable, you can manage your emotions through deep breathing training. The group told us through the mouth of a psychological consultant that no matter how busy we are at work, we should maintain a good mood and a healthy psychological state

Sellers Union Group's 25th Anniversary Activities

08 Health Lecture

The Group selected various good books in advance, and invited participants to share their thoughts and opinions. This activity helped everyone regain their passion for reading and make reading a habit.

08 Health Lecture

As a 4-year sports tradition, the single event competition has witnessed the participants breaking their own records, enhanced the improvement of the cohesion of team members, felt the spirit of employees to strive for the first place, and witnessed the continuous upward development of the Group.


10 Electric Competition

20 teams from Ningbo, Yiwu and Hangzhou held exciting electric competition. Participants had an exciting time and they were energetic enough to devote themselves to work and life.

11 Lawn Concert

Employees came to the lawn concert at the end of the day, watched energetic dances, listened to beautiful songs, and enjoy the performance of various instruments.


12 Roast

Dozens of people in Ningbo and Yiwu had a lively roast. The participants all performed humorously. Their love and concern for Sellers Union Group could deliver the power of warm.

13 Cultural Forum

The Group invited five influential guests to analyze and share their connotation of corporate culture and work practices from different experience backgrounds and observation perspectives.

After the forum, the Group awarded commemorative gifts to the experienced employees who have worked for five, ten, fifteen and twenty years.


14 Calligraphy & Photography Exhibition

Employees’ love and inheritance towards calligraphy tradition lies in repeated practice and accumulation, and finally the calligraphy exhibits are created. No matter how busy they are at work, the employees are always not short of observation and perception, and they take pictures of the beauty in front of them at any time. Feeling the beauty of culture and observing life are the artistic power of employees and an important prerequisite for foreign trade people to do business well.

15 Midday Market

The Group invited employees to become market stall owners, which could expand their business capabilities in terms of product selection design and sales skills. With the support of the Group, the subsidiaries have fully showed their sensitivity and forward-looking in trade. Continuing these advantages to work will surely create more results.

16 25th Anniversary Article Writing

In the Group’s 25th anniversary article writing activity, employees expressed their love to the Group: receiving the care and help from the Group during the newcomer period; starting over with the encouragement of colleagues when facing the failure……

Sellers Union Group cares about the growth of every employee.

The new journey of employees inspired by the cultural atmosphere of Sellers Union Group continues.

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