Win - Win Partner

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Why You should to Become a Win - Win Partner with Union Chance

Union Chance offers the highest paying affiliate program for International trade service. We give you all the Presentation and strength of our company. You can earn commissions fast if you promote Union Chance to your friends. With Win-Win Partner, earning commissions has never been easier.


Case: Jorge, who works in Mexico, joined ‘Win to Win Partner’ in 2018. He introduced the businessmen visiting Yiwu to learn about our company’s services. At the end of 2018, the six businessmen he introduced, in total, purchased $4 million through us in Yiwu. We gave Jorge $40,000 as a commission.

How It Works

Refer Customers to Union Chance

You promote our service to your friends. You can mark the customer you promote with us, or the customer tells us your name. We will contact with your friend.

They Place Order

Union Chance will offer them the best sourcing solutions to make their import successful. We will ensure that you are aware of all operations by keeping you informed at each step of the process

You Earn Money

You can earn 1% of the transaction amount when we complete a transaction with a client, We will enter the commission into your bank account. And there is no limit, as long as the customer has been working with us, you will always enjoy the commission.

This is the steps, you can contact us if you have any problem.

STEP 1: Submit your intent information

STEP 2: Signing cooperation regulations

STEP 3: Recommended customer

STEP 4: Get your commission

So if you think we are pretty good, please recommend us to your friends and let us become a win-win partner.