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Yiwu market wholesale guide 2022: How to source from Yiwu market

Yiwu is the largest commodities trading city and it is famous all over the world as the capital of commodities in China. Nearly 600,000 people come to Yiwu to sourcing products every year. Yiwu has a resident foreigner of 13,000, ranking first in Zhejiang province. 

If you are interested in Chinese imports, then you must have heard of Yiwu and Yiwu Market.  But there are a lot of people who do not know what Yiwu market is.


1. Where is Yiwu ? How to get to Yiwu?

1.1 Where is yiwu?

Yiwu which located in the center of Zhejiang Province, China, is one of the four regional central cities in Zhejiang Province . And it is the main daily products distribution center.  Yiwu has gradually developed into the present commodity trade center from the original trading model of “trading chicken feathers for sugar”. Yiwu takes into account both domestic and international trade, and has trade relations with more than 200 countries.

1.2 How to get to Yiwu?

You can take a plane directly to Yiwu airport if there is direct flights. If in your country, there are no direct flights, then you can fly to Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai or Ningbo and then take high speed rail or bus to Yiwu.  These cities are relatively near to Yiwu. And some agencies will arrange shuttle transfer to pick up you in airport.

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2. What is yiwu market in china?

Yiwu market is not a single market, it is the sum of all markets in Yiwu. Yiwu market, including Yiwu International trade City (Futian market), Huangyuan clothing market, Yiwu furniture market, Yiwu international production materials market, Yiwu digital market, Yiwu communication market, Yiwu materials market and so on.

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2.1 Yiwu International trade City (Futian market)

Yiwu International Trade City is the largest and most famous among all yiwu markets, and it is the representative of Yiwu market.  In the eyes of many foreigners, they think Yiwu market is Yiwu International Trade City.  The local people in Yiwu will call Yiwu International Trade City “Futian Market”, because the current location of Yiwu International Trade City is the former Futian Village.

After four generations of construction, Yiwu commodity market has developed from a small department store market with only a few hundred merchants to an international trade city with 70,000 merchants.

Address: Yinhai Road, Yiwu

Business hours: 9:00am-4:30pm

Due to the COVID-19, many customers have asked me whether Yiwu International Trade City is open normally and whether they can come to China.  Now the market is open normally, except for about 15 days off during the Spring Festival every year.  If you want to come to China, you can contact us and we can provide you with the documents you need.

Yiwu International Trade City has a total of 5 districts, and each district has different types of goods.  If you want to know the category classification and introduction of each district, please refer to this page .

Yiwu International Trade

Market- District 1

F1 Artificial Flower, Plush Toys, Plastic Toys, Electric Toys, Ordinary Toys, Electric Toys.
F2Hair Ornaments, Jewelry.
F3 Decoration Crafts, Festival Art, Photo Frame, Tourism Crafts, Ceramic, Crystal, Jewelry Accessories.
F4Manufacturer Direct Sale Center.

Yiwu International Trade

Market- District 2

F1Bags, suitcases, umbrellas, ponchos, outdoor leisure products and gift packaging
F2Hardware, tools, electrical products, locks and automotive parts
F3Kitchen and bath, home appliances, telecommunication devices, electronic instruments and watches
F4Factory outlet center and local specialty pavilions
F5Trade purchase service center and special oods exhibition

Yiwu International Trade

Market- District 3

F1Pen & Ink, Paper Articles, Glasses
F2Office Supplies & Stationery, Sports Leisure Supplies, Sport Equipment
F3Cosmetics, Zipper & Button & Clothing Accessories
F4Manufacturer Direct Sale Center
F5Operates Painting and Arts (decorative drawings, photo frame accessories and tooling)

Yiwu International Trade

Market- District 4

F1Socks and leggings
F2Daily necessities, gloves, hats and knitting
F3Shoes, bands, laces, collars, wool and towels
F4Bras, belts and scarves
F5The tourism shopping center and factory outlet center mainly with bras, underwear, swimwear, scarves, shoes, paintings, hats and display equipment

Yiwu International Trade

Market- District 5

F1Imported Goods, African Products Direct Sale Center, Jewelry, Handicrafts, Clothing, Shoes and Hats, Food ( Including alcohol ), Health Care Products
F3Knitting Materials, Needle, Fabric, Curtain Fabric
F4Auto Parts (motorcycles), Auto Supplies

2.2 Huangyuan Clothing Market

which is the largest professional clothing market in the middle of Zhejiang.

Address: 180 Jiangbin Middle Road

Business hours: 7:30am-20:30pm

F2Men’s cloth
F3Ladies'  cloth
F4Children's cloth

2.3 Yiwu Furniture Market

Yiwu furniture market is located in the core area of yiwu west, covering an area of 53360㎡. It can meet the different needs of domestic and foreign sale due to the high-grade, middle-grade, low-grade products are complete.

Address: 1779 West City Road  

Business hours: 8:30am-5:00pm  

B1Common household furniture and office furniture
F1Sofa, coriaceous sofa , rattan art furniture, hardware glass furniture and supporting service area
F2Modern plate furniture and children's suite furniture
F3European, classical, mahogany, solid wood furniture
F4Intelligent space storage for boutique furniture
F5Solar energy, cloth art, carpet, wallpaper

2.4 Yiwu International Market of Production Materials

Yiwu International Market of Production Materials was opened in 2013, with a total floor area of 750,000㎡and more than 4,000 suppliers.  The market mainly focuses on mechanical products, lamps and the raw materials and accessories of leather.  Mechanical products such as food processing machinery (hotel supplies), hardware, power tools and equipment, printing and packaging machinery, sewing equipment, knitting machinery, injection molding machine, flower accessories, etc.

Address: 1566 Xuefeng West Road 
Business hours: 8:30am-17:30pm 

2.5 Yiwu Digital City

Yiwu digital city is mainly retail, for individuals.  Here you can freely assemble desktop computers and buy laptops.  If you want to buy in bulk, I suggest you go to Shenzhen, where there is a bigger market for electronic products.

Address: 238 Binwang Road
Business hours: 8:30am-5:00pm

2.6 Yiwu Communication market

Mobile phone suppliers who sale new and used mobile phones of various types can be found in Yiwu communication market.

Address: 211 Binwang Road
Business hours: 8:30am-5:00pm

2.7 Yiwu material market

Yiwu material market mainly sales building materials, furniture and hardware.

Address: 199 West City Road
Business hours: 8:30am-5:00pm

In addition to these specialized markets, Yiwu also has some stock markets.  The inventory market will often surprise you with ultra-low prices and unexpected quality, just like a treasure hunt. You should definitely visit, if there is a chance.

3. How to source from yiwu market

3.1 How to find suppliers/factories in Yiwu market?

There is an APP called Yiwu Shopping which you can check the supplier information and market location of the international trade City. If you want to visit Yiwu International Trade City, you can find suppliers on Yiwu Shopping APP first, and then you can go to their physical booth to buy goods directly.  You can also go from vendor to vendor in a particular product category district. 

3.2 How to distinguish supplier or factory in Yiwu market

Firstly , you can check the types of products in the store.  If the only product in a shop is plastic cups, it’s probably a factory.  If a store has a variety of products, such as plastic cups, glass cups, ceramic cups, then it is highly likely to be a supplier.


Secondly, you can ask the boss whether he has the factory’s business license or their factory photos.  This method is relatively straightforward, but some shop owners will not necessarily show you.  So it would be better to judge from mutual communication.

3.3 Supplier VS Factory

The factory not only has the price advantage, but also can control the delivery date.  And the factory is very glad to provide customization or labeling services.  If you have a large order volume with single product category and customization requirements, then you must find a factory.


Suppliers generally have many cooperative factories and can integrate products from multiple factories.  They don’t have very high requirements for MOQ, because they can combine orders from multiple customers and place an order to the factory.  If you have a small order volume with wide variety of products and no complex customization requirements, then you are better looking for a supplier.

3.4 How to communicate with suppliers/factories in Yiwu market?

The English of the owners of yiwu market is generally not very good, they cannot understand or can only understand and answer some simple questions.  If you go to Yiwu market by yourself, I suggest that you find a translator who is familiar with foreign trade procurement, which can improve the efficiency of communication.  If you want to find a translator, please contact us, we can provide translation for free.

3.4.1 preliminary communication

You’d better go to the market with samples or product pictures to find products.  If you don’t know a lot about the product, pls do not only ask the price but the product material, color, process, packaging, packing specifications, volume and so on not just  Once you have this information, you can compare the price and the quality with other suppliers/factories.

3.4.2 Medium term - price negotiation technique

Firstly, you need to know the supplier/factory’s price for MOQ.  Then you set your own target price and use that target price to negotiate.  And there are three ways to negotiate.

  1. Taking advantage of a peer’s price, it can be said that other suppliers are offering a lower price. If they can not give you the lower price, they may lose the opportunity to cooperate.
  2.  “Belittle” their product, you can say something bad about the product , it will make the supplier/factory feel insecure about their product and then they will give us the lower price.
  3. Give the supplier/factory a good expectation, for example, you will purchase other products in the future, and there will be more cooperation opportunities.

The payment terms come after we negotiated the price.  Most suppliers/factories in Yiwu market cannot accept payment with US dollars.  But do not worry if you come across a manufacturer who doesn’t accept US dollars. There are places in Yiwu market where you can exchange RMB, which is very convenient.

3.4.3 The late follow up

There may be some problems in the process from order to delivery

1.The factory cannot deliver goods on time.

This situation is actually quite common but it is difficult to solve completely.  Usually factories have many production orders, they are generally in accordance with the delivery of the order to produce products.  You’d better confirm the delivery date with the factory 5 days earlier than the original one.  If you work with a purchasing agent, they can not only help you communicate with the factory directly about the delivery date, but also provide on-site merchandising service to ensure that you can get the goods on time.

2. The MOQ is not enough

If you place order with supplier, you may suddenly be told that your order is too small for the factory to produce for you.  Because many suppliers place orders from several customers together to the factory, the supplier cannot guarantee that the MOQ of the factory requirements every time.  In this case, you’ll have to switch to another supplier.

3. When some of your extra needs aren’t being met

Some suppliers/factories will find excuses for not being able to fulfill previously agreed requirements, such as hanging cards, labeling, etc.  In fact, they think the unit price that they gave you before is too low, and the real purpose is to renege and raise the price.  If you can accept the increase and negotiate a new price with the supplier/factory, then your cooperation can continue.  If you can’t accept the price increase, then you have to choose another supplier/factory.

In addition to these problems, when the product is delivered, the shipment will encounter various problems.  It’s best to let the professionals solve the problems.  UNION CHANCE CO.,LTD is committed to helping customers import products from China, providing one-stop procurement service, if you need help, please feel free to contact us.

4. How to ship products from Yiwu to your country

You can transport your products from Yiwu market to your country by sea, rail or air.

Cargo shipping-yiwu market guide- union chance

4.1 By sea

Transportation by sea is the most popular mode of transportation. Because Yiwu is not contiguous to the sea, there is no port. Most of the goods are sent to Ningbo port. But don’t worry, The related transportation service industry in Yiwu has developed maturely.  Many purchasing agents will provide you with a one-stop service, so you don’t have to worry about shipping.  Or you can find a freight forwarder to work with by yourself.

4.2 Rail transport - "YiXin Europe " Train Route

The “Yiwu-Xinjiang- Europe ” Train Route departs from Yiwu (west railway station), China, via Alashankou port in Xinjiang.  The train stops in Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and France before arriving in Madrid, Spain.  It took 21 days.

The transportation by “Yiwu-Xinjiang- Europe ” Train Route is faster than shipping.  For example, if you deliver the goods to Germany by train from Yiwu , you can received them about 22-30 days, and if deliver the goods from Ningbo port by sea, it will take 35-45 days.

This is a good choice if your country is on the route.

YiXin Europe Train-yiwu market guide-union chance

4.3 Air and Express

Air transport and express delivery have high timeliness. Express delivery can be delivered to your designated address in 3-5 days. But the price of both of them is relatively expensive. It is only suitable for things with small volume and high value of goods.  If you buy in bulk, it is recommended to choose shipping by sea or rail.

5. why choose yiwu market
- yiwu market vs Guangzhou/shenzhen market

Both Yiwu market and Guangzhou/Shenzhen market are industrial clusters with many wholesale markets.  The product category in these markets are very rich. They are covering all categories basically.

5.1 The first is product

Yiwu market is more inclined to small commodity products wholesale.  Speaking of wholesale, yiwu International Trade City has to be mentioned, which is a wholesale market covering all kinds of products, here you will be able to quickly find the products you need. The wholesale markets in Guangzhou/Shenzhen are mostly scattered, so you have to go to several places if you want to see more than one category of products. 

Many Guangzhou/Shenzhen manufacturers have stores in Yiwu market, so you can see products from all parts of China in Yiwu market.  However, if you want to purchase clothing, electronic products, skin care products and other products professionally with the relatively high requirements, Then I suggest you go to Guangzhou/Shenzhen market, where the products are more professional.

5.2 The second is logistics

Yiwu has no port then it needs to rely on Ningbo port for sea transportation.  Guangzhou and Shenzhen are both coastal cities. They have ports.  But  now the logistics system has developed very perfect, whether in Yiwu or Guangzhou/Shenzhen, shipping goods are very convenient.  Meanwhile, logistics costs in Yiwu will be lower than those in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

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