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Yiwu is located in central Zhejiang province near the central eastern coast of China.
300 km south to Shanghai, 150 km west to Ningbo, 150km north to Wenzhou, and 100 km south to Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang province.
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Yiwu now has 716,000 local residents and over 1 million migrant workers, including around 40,000 foreigners from Korea, Mid-east, Africa South America, and other parts of the world. The total population reaches 1.8 million.

After long years of living in Yiwu and sourcing from Yiwu market, many foreigners already take Yiwu as their second hometown and play more and more important roles in local community. They can even take seats in Yiwu People's Congress, to have their saying on Yiwu policy-making.

Yiwu economy is one of the fastest growing ones in China after national opening-up. Something similar to Shenzhen. The streets, which were dirty and scattered with cow dungs 20 years go, now are packed with BMW7 series and Benz.

Yiwu fair also contributes a lot to Yiwu's economy success. Yiwu now is one of the Top 10 exhibition cities in China. Yiwu market guide also offers a one stop service for Yiwu fair.

As time goes by, Buddhism, Muslim, Christian are all becoming more and more important. Along with more and more foreign businessmen come and settled in Yiwu, their religions and culture also got developed in Yiwu. There are even several big churches in Yiwu China.

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Yiwu Airport

Yiwu airport is a 4C grade airport carries over a dozen air routes to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shantou, Changsha. This airport even had HK-Yiwu direct flights for several months last year. The facilities are qualified for international flights. Hongkong to Yiwu non-stop flight is carried yearly.
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Yiwu Train Station

Yiwu train station is one of the most advanced medium-sized train stations in China. There are thousands of trains pass Yiwu every day. Shanghai to Yiwu fast trains just needs 1.5 hours.
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Yiwu Long Distance Bus

Yiwu bus stations have hundreds of buses travels from Yiwu to 9+ provinces, to Shenyang in the very north part of China.
There are lot of buses from Shanghai Pudong (PVG) air port to Yiwu and from Hangzhou airport(HGH) airport to Yiwu.


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There are not much to see in Yiwu except the huge whole marketplace - Futian market. Nearby place like Hengdian(Chinese Holleywood) and Hangzhou are good for sightseeing. If you have to see something in Yiwu except market, you can go to Yiwu Xiuhu Lake Park, Yiwu Riverside Park, Yiwu Wetland Park are my three recommendations. They're all inside the city and very easy to go. You can read them on Yiwu sightseeing.
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Chinese food, westernfood. Islamic/ Halal restaurants, Korean restaurants, Indian restaurants, Brazilian restaurants, Japanese restaurants,.. most of them run by people from their own countries. Plenty! Of course there are also plenty of traditional Chinese restaurants and Western restaurants. And you'll also have to try some REAL Yiwu food.
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Local Culture

Wu Opera also known as Jinhua Opera, is one of the oldest operas (has a 400-year history) in China. The earliest days of Wu opera can be traced back to Ming Dynasty(AD1386-AD1683). The name originated from Wuzhou, the former name of Jinhua.
Yiwu markets made Yiwu famous in China in the last 30 years. Yiwu international trade city made Yiwu famous around the world in the last 8 years. However, Yiwu Martial Arts has kept Yiwu famous in China for more than a thousand years.